How to Grow a Major League Lawn

We’re teaming up with MLB® to give back to local communities.

We began the Scotts® Field Refurbishment Program in 2010, a partnership between Scotts® and Major League Baseball (MLB®), to give back to local communities by renovating youth baseball and softball fields. So far, we’ve helped rejuvenate 20 neighborhood parks, all with the goal of making America’s Pastime greener.

Since Scotts® is the “Official Lawn Care Company of Major League Baseball,” we use the same professional products on local fields as we do in the big leagues. That way, every one we refurbish gives kids the opportunity to experience what it’s like to play on a big-league baseball field.

Want your own ballpark-worthy lawn?

Then, it’s time to take action—Triple Action. For those who live in the North, Scotts® Turf Builder® Triple Action gives you three benefits in one bag, making it the trifecta of lawn care treatment. With just one application, it kills existing weeds (like dandelions and clover) and prevents new weeds (including crabgrass), all while feeding and strengthening your lawn.

For those in the South, Scotts® Turf Builder® Southern Triple Action helps ensure your lawn remains worthy of the big leagues. It not only feeds and strengthens your lawn against heat and drought, but also kills and prevents fire ants for up to 6 months and kills stubborn weeds (including dollarweed and clover).

Growing grass is a grand slam.

Working together, Scotts® and MLB® have an exciting opportunity to promote the love of the outdoors to young people across the country. If you ask us, being able to give back to local communities sure feels like a grand slam!



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