Fall is the perfect time to feed and seed!

Shop ScottsĀ® Fall Haul deals on Turf BuilderĀ® Grass Seed, WinterGuardĀ®, THICK'R LAWNĀ®, and EZ SeedĀ®. Happening throughout the fall at the highlighted retailers below. Stock up now for a vibrant lawn in 2024!


Root-Building Nutrition for a Stronger Lawn

The redesigned ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Grass Seed Sun & Shade MixĀ® thrives in a variety of conditions. This mix contains Root-Building Nutrition, a combination of ingredients that is expertly crafted to help establish deep roots to grow thick, green turf so that you can build a better, stronger lawn from the roots up.

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Build Strong, Deep Grass Roots

Prep your lawn for the cooler months ahead with ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® WinterGuardĀ® Fall Lawn Food. This fertilizer delivers the nutrients lawns need to help recover from summer heat, drought, and regular activity, all while preparing roots to take on harsh winter conditions.

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A 3-in-1 Solution for Thin Lawns

ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® THICK'R LAWNĀ® is formulated with grass seed to fill gaps in current lawn, fertilizer to feed, green, and thicken new and existing grass, and soil improvers to encourage stronger root development. Get up to a 50% thicker lawn with just one application (subject to proper care; results may vary based on current condition of lawn).

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Weed Killer + Lawn Fertilizer

It's simple: treat weeds and feed your lawn in the fall for a better lawn next spring. ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® WinterGuardĀ® Fall Weed & Feed controls over 50 listed lawn weeds, including clover and dandelion. In addition, it delivers the nutrients needed to help repair damage from the summertime and build strong roots to take on harsh winter conditions.

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Have Bare Spots?

Fill ā€˜em with ScottsĀ® EZ SeedĀ® Patch & Repair! This revolutionary grass seeding product designed to fill in bare spots and repair lawn damage. It contains a combination of high performance grass seed, mulch that expands to surround the seed, controlled release fertilizer, tackifier to help keep seed from washing away and a protectant to help keep seedlings safe.

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