No rock or sand fillers

Melts Ice


Don't fight winter weather alone, Scotts® ezmelt™ with Heat Lock® Technology is your secret winter weapon.

*vs rock salt and leading blended ice melt brand when used as directed. Based on independent lab studies at -10 °C.

4 Active Ingredients

All-in-one® Particle

Delivering greater results sooner. Gets through even stubborn winter ice down to -31ºC.


ezmelt™ ice melter

Apply Scotts® ezmelt™ evenly onto the surface to be de-iced using the shaker jug or a Scotts® rotary or handheld spreader, or another suitable device. Avoid piling and do not over-apply.

Wait approximately 20 minutes after applying to give the formula time to loosen the ice. Remove melted ice, snow, and slush to prevent refreezing. Reapply as needed.

Tip: For best results, apply preventatively before or soon after snowfall begins to prevent excessive ice buildup. If snow is deeper than 5 cm (2 inches) plow or shovel surface before applying product.

It's easy!

Watch this video for more helpful tips on how to apply Scotts ezmelt Ice Melter.

Less mess, superior results

An ice melt that works without tracking sand and filler into your home? That’s right. Even better, our ice melt reduces the dreaded freeze-thaw cycle that can wreak havoc on hard surfaces. That means Scotts® ezmelt™ Ice Melter is tougher on ice yet kinder to concrete, turfgrass, and plants1

1 vs rock salt

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a pet-friendly version available?

Yes. Scotts® Pet ezmelt™ Ice Melter is available in a 4kg Shaker Jug. It’s uniquely formulated to go easy on pet paws. It contains both a moisturizer to help prevent sensitive paw pads from drying out and a pet ingestion deterrent. See product here

How long do I need to wait after applying?

Wait approximately 20 minutes after applying to give the formula time to loosen the ice. Remove the melted ice, snow and slush to prevent refreezing.  Reapply as needed.

Where should I not use this product?

Scotts® ezmelt™  is safer on lawns and landscapes when used as directed but like all deicer products, could harm vegetation if applied at an excessive rate. As with all ice melters, this product should not be used on questionable surfaces including stone, brick, wood, pre-cast concrete, pre-cast masonry, poor quality concrete, damaged concrete or concrete that is less than one year old. Concrete surfaces need to be good quality, air-entrained, properly cured and designed for exposure to winter weather conditions and deicing agents. Consult a concrete professional if you are unsure of the age, quality and curing of your surface.