Grass Seed Experts

We’ve been the grass seed experts for over 150 years.

We've been the grass seed experts for over 150 years.

Being the leader of lawn care for over a century and a half, we've been able to make significant investments in scientific research. With so many years of experience, we've had the opportunity to create some unique, groundbreaking combo seed products.

We believe in our products.

We have been devoted to both the research and development of lawn care for decades. After so many years of perfecting our products, we've created combo seed products designed to give you the best results. Just as the name suggests, our combo seed products consist of more than just seed—Thick'R Lawn has a combination of fertilizer and soil improver to repair a thin lawn while EZ Seed contains a mixture of lawn food and growing material to fix bare spots. Plus, all of our products are backed by our No Quibble Money-Back Guarantee. In other words, we're so confident in our products that we're willing to guarantee your satisfaction when you use them.

Green'R. Strong'R. Thick'R.

You may not even know you have a thinning lawn until you see what our solution can do. Scotts® Turf Builder® Thick'R Lawn™ has everything you need to help turn weak, thin grass into a thick, green lawn. With this simple 3-in-1 solution, get up to a 50% thicker lawn with just one application.* It contains soil improver for enhanced root development, seed to fill gaps with new grass, and fertilizer to feed new grass and thicken and green existing turf. All in all, it really does make your lawn greener, thicker, and stronger.

Fill in the blanks.

Is your lawn currently filled with bare spots? We have a solution for that. Scotts® EZ Seed® Patch & Repair is a revolutionary seeding mix that gives you success the first time.** The unique combination of Scotts® high-performance seed, premium continuous-release lawn food, and super-absorbent growing material makes it possible for grass to grow anywhere, guaranteed.*

We continue to grow.

We help you grow the lawn you need. Recognized as the world's leader in lawn and garden products, we continue to grow as the name-brand leader of lawn care.



*Subject to proper care. Results may vary based on current condition of lawn.

**Subject to proper care.