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With Scotts® Pursue™ Buffalograss, you’ll save water and time…with just 3 easy steps.
Scotts® Pursue™️ Dichondra is the unique, low-maintenance lawn or landscape alternative you’ve been looking for.
Discover your options for growing new turf in your lawn
If you’re tired of lawn maintenance, it might be time to look into alternative ground covers. Try Scotts Pursue Blue Grama for an eco-friendly solution.
Here's how you can control the weed culprits in your yard that can trigger allergy symptoms.
Young lawns need special care.
Don't let these issues keep you from loving your lawn.
Why would you settle for less-than-lush grass?
If you're short on time or want something lower maintenance, a clover lawn may be what you're looking for.
Learn about tools and equipment designed for the smaller lawn and get tips on making the most of your space.
The key to getting started is knowing your lawn in three simple steps.
Find out how to keep them from digging up your grass