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Don’t let lawn diseases and fungus take over your turf. Fight them with Scotts Turf Builder Healthy Plus Lawn Food, the 2-in-1 fungicide and fertilizer.
Scotts® Pursue™ Sheep Fescue is a low-maintenance bunchgrass that stands up to prolonged dry conditions.
Rethink your turf with low-maintenance Scotts® Pursue™ Clover Lawn.
Discover a simple trick for a gorgeous lawn.
Learn about this simple way to turn your landscape from blah to beautiful.
Find out the 5 surprising ways your lawn helps improve the environment.
How to take a dull lawn and make it look stunning and green, quickly.
Your lawn is waking up; now is a great time to feed.
Don't let a bit of the wet stuff keep you off your beloved turf.
Find out how a healthy lawn puts nutrients back into the soil and provides a home for birds and other animals.
Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions about grass seed from consumers like you.
Looking for some answers when it comes to feeding your lawn?