Next Generation Grass

Designed by America's leading turf experts for less work and more wow across residential, commercial, & golf courses.

Lush, dense, dark green results

Achieve eye-catching curb appeal and enjoy complete weed control* with thick-growing grass that crowds out common lawn weeds.

*possible with the use of select herbicides.

50% less mowing

Maintaining the lawn has never been easier! ProVistaā„¢ grows slow to cut mowing frequency in half (vs. conventional Floratam St. Augustine & Kentucky Bluegrass turf).

20% less fertilizer needed

Achieve and maintain lush, deep green grass with just a fraction of the fertilizer needed (vs. conventional Floratam St. Augustine & Kentucky Bluegrass turf).

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Optimal growth for your climate

St. Augustine

A Florida and Gulf state favorite, St. Augustine thrives in heat and salt ā€” quickly forming lush lawns filled with dense, vibrant, dark green blades.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Perfect for cooler northern climates, Kentucky Bluegrass delivers lush, durable lawns with rich emerald to blue-green hues and medium-to-fine texture that begs for bare feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ was developed to require half the mowing of the relevant, conventional turf varieties (e.g., St. Augustinegrass Floratam and Kentucky Bluegrass). ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ has a deep, green color, thrives in both sun and shade, and requires less fertilizer to stay healthy and green.

Feeding: Explore our product recommendations to learn the right nutrients to give your lawn every season.

Mowing: We recommend you keep your grass at a height of 3-4ā€ on average. Mowing should reduce the height of the grass by no more than ā…“ of its current height.

Watering: Early mornings are best. Be sure to water deeply and evenly, but avoid overwatering.

Plan on waiting 3 weeks before mowing your sod for the first time. However, installation variations or unexpected weather can mean bumping that up or back by a few days, so always keep an eye on how itā€™s growing. If you can't easily pull up the sod with you hand then it ready to be mowed.

Aim to keep turf thatā€™s still settling in at a 3- to 4-inch height, just slightly longer than you would normally. The extra length will help it maintain more nutrients until it has fully established itself, and then you can keep it at around 2Ā½ or 3 inches long moving forward.

Yes, nutrients are critical for the health and growth of turfgrass. However, ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ has been bred to require less fertilizer than conventional varieties to maintain its health, growth and dark green color.

You should water your ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ turf in the same way you would for the relevant conventional varieties (e.g., St. Augustinegrass Floratam and Kentucky Bluegrass). Established turf should receive around 1.5 inches of water per week.

In the sun or in the shadows, our turf still produces superior results.ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ has demonstrated excellent shade performance vs. the relevant conventional turf varieties. ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ thrives in both sun and shade conditions where turf is able to grow.

Yes, use our recommendations to keep ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ from unwanted areas.ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ can be controlled with non-selective herbicides such as OrthoĀ® GroundClearĀ® Weed & Grass Killer (active ingredient: ammonium nonanoate).

ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ is currently available in St. Augustinegrass as sod and in Kentucky Bluegrass as both sod and seed.

No. While ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ provides significant benefits over conventional turfgrass, including better quality in the sun and in the shade, it is not a ā€œsuper turfā€ and will only grow where the relevant conventional turfgrass species can grow.

No, ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ is not a dwarf turf.ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ can be maintained at typical mowing heights - between 3-5ā€ for St. Augustinegrass and between 1-4ā€ for Kentucky Bluegrass.

No. Unlike Zoysia, ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ does not require any special maintenance. For ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ St. Augustinegrass, follow the best management practices (BMPs) for StA Floratam provided by UF-IFAS. For ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ Kentucky Bluegrass, refer to local BMPs for Kentucky Bluegrass.

Please contact us to learn where Kentucky Bluegrass or St. Augustinegrass is available.