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Would you like the kind of home that’s tailor-made for showing off and sharing with guests? Just follow these 3 easy steps.

Springtime means patio time! Discover how easy it is to clean your patio so it is in great shape for family time.

Easy tips to discourage weeds in your lawn. 

Too much thatch can weaken your lawn.

The Yard Life Team creates a beautiful communal fire pit for new homeowners.

Whether you're feeding, seeding, or battling weeds, Scotts has the right product for your lawn.

These militant moth larvae can really chow down on your grass if you don’t fight back.

If your grass turns brown and lifts out easily when pulled, you may have this root-chewing pest.

Broadleaf weeds are tough, aggressive plants that pounce on any weak areas in your yard.

They can kill a lawn fast.

Fire ants are a nuisance and a painful, dangerous pest to anyone unlucky enough to live in their region. 

A few grubs aren't a problem, but if you see lots of them when you turn the soil, take action.