How to Build a Beautiful Communal Fire Pit Area

The Yard Life Team creates a beautiful communal fire pit for new homeowners.

Watch as the Yard Life Team, with help from the Brown family, builds a beautiful communal fire pit area for the backyard. They use cobblestones to create the border and a 4-inch layer of gravel to fill in the area. To complete the space, they add a prefabricated fire pit and furniture. The end result is a welcoming, attractive communal fire pit area that has become the cornerstone to the Browns' dream outdoor living space.

  1. Check for building restrictions. Before starting, check building codes for your area to learn about any size restrictions, location restrictions, or other regulations.
  2. Choose the spot. Pick a spot that is away from your house, overhead power lines, low-hanging trees, and other structures like sheds and wooden fences. Be sure to choose a space large enough to accommodate the fire pits and seating area.

  3. Clear the area. Remove any debris, plants, grass, and weeds in the selected spot. If you want to save any of the plants to move elsewhere in your landscape, carefully dig them up without damaging the root system.

  4. Lay out the space. Mark out the area using a rake handle or marking paint. For guidance, most fire pits areas are 3 to 4 feet in diameter. Once the area is marked off, remove or add soil as needed to make it level.
  5. Create the border. Use cobblestones to form a ring around the edge of the fire pit circle. Make sure each stone is level and secured firmly in place.

  6. Add landscape fabric. To help keep weeds down inside the area, lay down landscape fabric and secure it with landscape pins. If multiple pieces are needed, make sure they overlap by at least 3 inches.

  7. Fill the area with gravel. Carefully add a layer of gravel on top of the landscape fabric, making sure the fabric doesn't fold up. The gravel should come up to just below the top edge of the cobblestone border. Smooth it with a garden rake.
  8. Add the finishing touches. Finally, place your fire pit in the middle and add chairs around it. Then, sit back and and enjoy!