How to Patch Your Lawn

Learn how easy it is to repair bare spots for a prettier lawn.

Grass seed plays an important role in helping you maintain a beautiful, thick, green lawn. When you need seed for your lawn, it's important to consider the type of project you have and choose the correct grass seed product for your needs.

For bare spots, an ideal product is Scotts® EZ Seed®. Designed by turf scientists, it combines three high-quality components that work in harmony: premium grass seed, a special slow-release fertilizer, and a revolutionary growing material. Together, these three ingredients will grow grass anywhere, guaranteed*.  (Be sure to identify your grass type to choose the right seed for your region.)

Here's how to apply :

  • First, take a hand rake and start to break up the soil. Loosen it, pulling out any rocks or other debris, so the grass seedlings will have an easier time building good roots.
  • Next, apply a thin, even layer of Scotts® EZ Seed® according to label directions. You won't need to put too much down, as it will expand.
  • Now, gently but thoroughly water until both the Scotts® EZ Seed® you've applied and the soil underneath are saturated and no more moisture is being absorbed. (Don't let the water pool.) Until the seedlings reach at least two inches tall, water daily as needed to keep the area moist. You'll know the patched areas need water when they turn light brown.

With the right product and application, those bare spots will soon be a thing of the past.