Exploring Alternatives to Grass Lawns: Scotts Pursue Buffalograss

With Scotts® Pursue™ Buffalograss, you’ll save water and time…with just 3 easy steps.

Whew, it’s hot outside. So hot, in fact, we’re setting records*. Rising temperatures and drought conditions in summer mean new lawn care and gardening norms for a better landscape all year round. How can you keep your lawn looking lush and lovely without the added maintenance of dragging hoses around the yard or enduring skyrocketing water bills?

Think environmentally friendly native grass, of course!

At Scotts, we understand that changing weather patterns in various areas of the country may lead to different lawn needs. To help, we are introducing Scotts® Pursue™ Buffalograss. A sun-loving, lower-growing prairie grass that’s native to North America, Pursue™ Buffalograss withstands prolonged heat, while being naturally drought-resistant (once established).

In addition to heat tolerance, buffalograss is also:

  • Native to North America
  • An eco-friendly option that needs 50-75% less water than traditional turfgrass
  • Resistant to pest and disease pressures
  • Low maintenance: it can be cut short or allowed to grow long as desired

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly native lawn, try Pursue™ Buffalograss. It needs less water than traditional turfgrasses once established. Not only will you spend less time watering after this grass is established, you’ll also reduce fertilizing and mowing, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your yard. Plus, Pursue™ Buffalograss spreads by stolons, or horizontal stems that spread out above ground and grow new plants, making your lawn grow more lush each year. And as a bonus, this native grass has no serious pest or disease problems. (Pursue™ Buffalograss grows best in areas with minimal foot traffic and is not suitable for sandy soils.)

You can transform an existing lawn into a new buffalograss lawn, but it may take a little work. Buffalograss seed cannot be used to overseed other grass types. You’ll need to remove any existing grass from the area so your new buffalograss lawn can grow healthy and strong.

So, let’s get started! In just three simple steps, you’ll be on your way to a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, gorgeous lawn with Scotts® Pursue™:

1. Prep.

For new lawns: Rake the area to loosen the soil, about two inches deep. Remove any dead or existing grass and debris so the seeds directly contact the soil. If you’re replacing an existing lawn, remove all existing grass prior to planting buffalograss.

Overseeding an existing Buffalograss lawn: Mow the lawn at the lowest setting and bag the clippings. Rake the lawn to remove debris and dead grass, then use the rake to loosen the soil to ensure seed-to-soil contact. Do not overseed with other grass types.

2. Apply.

Plant in late spring or early summer, when the air temperature warms to 70° to 90°F. Use a Scotts spreader to evenly apply the grass seed and follow all directions on the product label. 

3. Care.

Lightly water seedbed daily to keep it moist, continuing for two weeks after seed germination. Apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer about 6-8 weeks after seeding. Mow newly seeded buffalograss lawns at a height of 2.5 to 3 inches when the grass reaches a height of 3.5 to 4 inches to encourage the grass to spread.

For best results, apply a fertilizer once or twice per year in the spring or summer on the established lawn. 

With a little prep and patience, your new sustainable lawn can provide a beautiful landscape, while benefiting the environment, too. You’ll love the look, drought tolerance, and low maintenance of Scotts® Pursue™ Buffalograss.