High Quality Grass Seed vs. Cheap Grass Seed

Learn why quality grass seed matters and how a few extra dollars now can save you frustration and money later.

Why High Quality Grass Seed Makes a Difference in Your Lawn

The best way to grow an attractive lawn is with a high-quality grass seed. But, how can you tell good seed from bad?

New Technology Makes a Better Grass Seed for You

Scotts® has put a tremendous amount of research into developing and selecting new grass varieties. These new varieties have been developed to be finer textured, greener, and more tolerant of shade, drought, or punishing sun. Cheap grass seed often contains older varieties that are coarser, lighter green, and require much more effort on your part to grow well.

I Thought I Was Buying Grass Seed

If you look at the bag of grass seed, it has information about the contents. Most people don't look at it, and that's too bad. That information tells you what types and varieties of grass seed are in the package, what percentage will sprout, the percent weed seeds, and the percent inert matter like fillers. Empty seed hulls, stems, and fillers can make up a significant amount of the material in a bag of bargain grass seed. How does it get there? Well, cheap grass seed is often not properly cleaned after harvesting it, leaving you with the dirt and other stuff that fill up the bag. High quality grass seed means high quality cleaning to remove empty seed hulls, stems, dirt and other material found in the field.

Germination Percentage: How Much of the Seed Will Actually Grow?

Every grass seed label will also list the types and varieties of grass seed in the mix as well as their germination percentage. Bargain seed often has a lower germination rate than high quality seed, meaning you will often have to apply more seed to get the same amount of grass to grow.

Weed Seed Content is 1.0 %. That's a Pretty Low Number... Right?

There is a tremendous amount of seeds in even a small bag of grass seed. Even if the weed seed percentage is very small, it could mean hundreds of weeds for you- making your lawn more work, more expensive, and more time consuming. How much is your time and money worth? Look for the most weed-free grass seed mixes possible, or 99.99% weed free.

Make the Investment

If you're thinking about buying grass seed, make the best choice for you, your family, and your home. A few extra dollars up front could save you a lot of time, frustration, and money later. When you buy Scotts® grass seed, you're selecting grass seed from a company that has been offering top quality seed for over 100 years and backs each bag with a no-quibble guarantee. Scotts® sets the standard by which the competition is measured.

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