Moles in the Yard

Find out how to keep them from digging up your grass

How to Keep Moles Out of Your Lawn

It's a strange feeling when you look out and see your beautiful lawn criss-crossed by tunnel mounds. Moles make a mess of the yard. If they've invaded, you can trap them, and then change the environment to make your yard less attractive to them. Here are a few steps you can take to protect your lawn from this underground nuisance.

Make Your Yard Mole-Unfriendly

Moles like soft, damp earth. It's easier to dig through, and it attracts the juicy grubs, bugs, and worms they live on. What you want to do is change conditions so that moles don't bother coming in. Use products that control grubs and insects in your lawn to limit moles' food supply. You can keep your lawn drier by watering less; a deep watering once a week should keep your lawn healthy.

Use Traps

An effective way to get rid of moles is to trap them. There are several types of traps available, such as the Tomcat Mole Trap. You'll have more luck if you trap in the spring or fall, and if you set your traps in a main runway. These are usually straight, or they can follow the perimeter of your yard. To make sure you're working with a main runway, poke your finger through in a few spots. If the mole repairs the damage in a day or two, you've got a winner. Don't bother using poison, since you'll never know if it's effective or not.

Other Mole and Gopher Products

An alternative to trapping includes using products that mimic a mole's food source, worms and grubs. Check out Tomcat Mole Killer - Grub Formula or Tomcat Mole Killer - Worm Formula. There are also other Tomcat mole and gopher products that range from bait to granules.

Keep Fluffy Out of the Mole-Hunting Business

Household cats and dogs have been known to dig up moles or kill them when they are on the surface. Pets are not useful mole hunters, though. Dogs can dig up tunnels, causing even more yard damage.

Watch our video about lawn pests to help you understand what could be lurking in your yard, moles and more.

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