The Joy of Caring for Your Lawn in the Rain

Don’t let a bit of the wet stuff keep you off your beloved turf.

If you're not going to let a few raindrops stop you from golfing or grilling, why would you let them keep you from awesoming up your lawn? Here are five things to do when the forecast is calling for wet weather ahead.

  • Spread some seed. Get that germination thing going fast! A deep initial watering from ole' Mother Nature is just the thing to make the growth of Scotts® Turf Builder® Rapid Grass that much more rapid.
  • Feed a hungry lawn. As long as we're talking rain shower, not monsoon, go ahead and fertilize your lawn while the drops are falling. (Water activates fertilizer—convenient, right?) That way, once the sun decides to mosey on back, you'll be free to just chill and enjoy. Heads up, though–we're talking straight fertilizer like Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food, not weed-and-feed.
  • Bury stuff. Wet ground is way easier to dig into, so get on out there and bury those outdoor lighting wires and invisible dog fence boundaries like you've been meaning to do.
  • Breathe deep. Smell that? That excellent aroma of raindrops hitting dry ground is called petrichor. Since many of our ancestors relied on rain for drinking, growing crops, and even power, it's no wonder we're hard-wired to like the scent.
  • Exercise your brain. Too darned cozy inside to actually go out into the wet stuff? Stay put and enlighten yourself with 10 Classic Poems About Rain Everyone Should Read. Then let the pattering on the roof lull you into sweet dreams of lazy afternoons on the lawn.