Play Backyard Beach Ball Kickball

Even if you have a small yard, you can still think big when it comes to outdoor fun. This version of kickball scales down the game from sprawling to small-space, and makes the play more manageable for your littlest or less experienced athletes. Add bathing suits and water for a beachy twist on this fast-moving adventure!

What You'll Need

  • A flat, open outdoor space that's free of obstacles and good for running
  • At least 4 players (if you want to play in teams, you'll need at least 6 players)
  • A beach ball beach towels or bath towels folded into rectangles (to serve as bases)

Get Ready… Get Set…

1. Beach ball kickball uses the same rules as playground kickball, but makes it smaller and slows it down. Define "out of bounds" and mark a triangle of first, second, and home base. Place a folded beach towel at each base. (Position the bases equal distances apart, with home base in a spot where the ball will be kicked away from the house or other obstacles.)

2. Blow up the beach ball.

3. Divide players into 2 even teams. Designate a pitcher, an infielder, and an outfielder for each team. Or, if you're taking turns, designate a pitcher, an infielder, an outfielder, and a kicker.

4. Have one team take the field, and have the other team line up to kick.


1. The pitcher rolls the beach ball in a straight line toward the kicker, who gets unlimited tries to kick the ball.

2. When the ball is kicked, the kicker runs and tries to round the bases. The pitcher, infielder, and outfielder try to catch the ball and throw it at the runner. (They can also hold the ball and touch it to part of the runner's body.)

3. If the runner is tagged with the ball while not touching a base, that's an "out." If the runner makes it to the base and touches it before being tagged, that runner is "safe."

4. For teams, play continues according to the general rules of playground kickball. You can play until a team reaches a predetermined number of points, for a certain number of innings, until everyone's had a turn, until everyone gets "out," or until everyone gets tired. If you're taking turns, you can switch positions after every kick, and award a point for each base reached.

To make your game even beachier, just add water. Use kiddie pools for bases, or set up sprinklers for kickers to run or leap through on their way around the triangle, headed for home base.