Benefits of a ProVista™ Lawn (Professionals)

How Professionals Can Benefit From Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine and Kentucky Bluegrass Sod.

Scotts® ProVista™ St. Augustine and Kentucky Bluegrass Sod delivers unparalleled beauty to any property while substantially reducing your maintenance efforts and hassles. Never before has it been possible for landscaping professionals to both satisfy clients' desires for beautiful turf and allow their teams more time to take care of other details to grow the business.

Low Maintenance

ProVista™ has been engineered for reduced vertical growth. This means it grows slowly, requiring half the mowing of conventional grass.

One benefit resulting from the lower maintenance needs of ProVista™ is more time for you and your crew. Spending less time spent caring for a ProVista™ lawn will allow your team more time to focus on other areas of the property or cut time at the site to grow with other clients. It's a way to grow business and broaden your service areas without adding labor and equipment.

Here's one more benefit: Because you are mowing less and reducing usage of other gas-powered machines (trimers, edgers, blowers), you're reducing your total carbon emission output plus you're spending less time, and money, maintaining equipment.

Weed Control

ProVista™ growers are able to deliver sod for installation that is cleaner and more weed-free than has ever been possible before. You can start clean and then stay clean with minimal effort.

The dense growth habit of ProVista™ crowds out most weeds before they can establish. For those weeds that inevitably pop up, professionals can follow their standard preventative treatment programs for St. Augustinegrass. And if invasive, grassy weeds like torpedograss, common bermuda, or tropical signalgrass show their faces, you’ve got another tool in your weed control toolkit with ProVista’s™ tolerance to specific non-selective herbicides.

Brilliant Beauty

With lush, deep green blades that grow uniformly in sun and shade, ProVista™ delivers instant beauty to any property. You don’t need one sod variety for sunny areas and another for shade. ProVista™ is the only sod you need for the full landscape.

With Scotts® ProVista™, you and your team are more than landscape professionals. You’ll be heroes to your homeowners who will achieve “Block Royalty” status with their ProVista™ lawns. And you’ll be the trusted partner your commercial clients rely on to manage their property efficiently.

Professional Grade

Scotts® has over 150 years of experience and dedication to improving green spaces. ProVista™ is the first real innovation in turfgrass in over 40 years and the result of over 20 years of research and development. It was developed and designed to meet the needs of the industry’s turf professionals.

Scotts® ProVista™ turf sets a new standard for undeniable beauty with less maintenance. When it comes to what a lawn can be, this premium sod from America's Turfgrass Experts has changed the landscape.

+50% less mowing in a 14-day summer cycle is needed vs conventional St. Augustine Floratam lawns.