The Many Benefits of Scotts® ProVista™ Sod

A gorgeous lawn you can mow less often is just the beginning.

If youā€™re looking for a shortcut to a yard full of thick, green grass that you can enjoy sooner than later, sod is it. However, most types of instant turf come with as many maintenance needs as that of growing from seed, so once the novelty of a fresh new lawn has worn off, youā€™re left with a time-sucking headache. The solution? Enter ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ sod.

Just what is this great new sod? Letā€™s dive in and take a look at what sod actually is, and how it compares to the benefits of ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ sodā€”as well as a few tips on how to best maintain it once youā€™ve installed it. Because with this level of quality turf, a few is all it takes.


Sod is pre-grown grass that comes in either long strips or square pieces, while ā€œgrassā€ refers to an already established lawn. Lawns may also be started by sowing grass seed onto a prepared soil surface, and while that is another popular way to grow a new lawn, it takes much longer for seeds to establish and requires a very different maintenance routine. Additionally, if itā€™s a St. Augustine lawn youā€™re after, sod is definitely the way to go; you actually canā€™t grow St. Augustine from seed.

Not all sod is created equal, though. Thereā€™s St. Augustine sod and then thereā€™s ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ St. Augustine sod. It has the same gorgeous appearance as its grassy contemporaries, but with superior traits that lead to stronger lawns, lower maintenance, and saved money. Itā€™s ideal for homeowners in the South, where winters are mild and summers are hot.


If the beautiful green look of ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ isnā€™t enough to grab you, then its long list of benefits surely will! We know youā€™re down to put in a little elbow grease to have the lawn you want, but when you can have it with less work and by using fewer products, itā€™s definitely a win.

  • Less maintenance: With a ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ lawn youā€™ll spend less time working on it and more time enjoying it. ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ requires half the mowing of a ā€œregularā€ lawn* because it has been engineered to grow slowly. This resilient turfgrass also requires less general maintenance without sacrificing beauty and quality, so youā€™ll save time and money. When you add ProVistaā„¢ sod to your property, youā€™re a step closer to doing the things you really want to do.ā€Ø
  • Natural weed control: ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ starts ā€œcleanā€ and stays that way longer than other turf types. Itā€™s raised with as few weeds as possible, and it grows tightly and densely, crowding out grassy and broadleaf weeds. And moving forward, it can be kept clean with a wider range of weed control products.ā€Ø
  • Sustainable footprint: Because ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ sod requires less maintenance (mowing, trimming, edging, blowing), you're using fewer fossil fuels and, in turn, producing fewer emissions. A strong lawn also helps to reduce noise pollution, trap carbon dioxide, reduce runoff, and cool the area around your home.
  • Grows in sun and shade: A lot of sod types donā€™t bode well in shade, which is frustrating if you have a lot of beautiful trees in your yard. ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ grows densely, producing a lush, deep green that grows uniformly in sun and shade to deliver instant beauty. The upshot is a beautiful, manicured landscape you didnā€™t have to alter in favor of sodā€”in other words, you can have a perfect lawn and your palm trees, too.


You now know that ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ requires much less maintenance than other types of sod, so exactly what kind of maintenance should you expect? Not a whole lot, but if you really want to stay on top of your sod care game and track your tasks, download the My Lawn app to get timely reminders of what to doā€”and when.

  • Mowing. Although it requires less mowing* than other types of lawns, ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ stays its strongest when no more than ā…“ of its overall height is removed in one session, so a regular mowing schedule of once every 2 weeks is recommended.

Fertilizing. Once your ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ sod has established (after about a month), feeding it regularly will help keep it looking primed. Not sure which products to use? Enroll in the ScottsĀ® Program. The subscription service walks you through some simple questions and gets you set up with the right products delivered to your doorstep at the right time. No guessing involved!

  • Watering. Water regularly and steadily, avoiding both over- and underwatering (doing either can lead to pest and disease issues). Aim to water earlier in the morning before your grass is stressed from the afternoon heat. Sod needs about 1 1ā„2 inches of water per week, so once itā€™s established, ideally youā€™ll want to run sprinklers twice a week to deliver about Ā¾ inch of H2O each time.

With its environmental benefits, ease of installation, and low maintenance requirements, itā€™s not hard to fall for ScottsĀ® ProVistaā„¢ sod. When it comes to what turf can be, this premium sod from America's turfgrass experts has definitely changed the landscape.

* 50% less mowing in a 14-day summer cycle is needed vs conventional St. Augustine Floratam lawns.