Best Landscape Ideas To Improve Curb Appeal

Try these 7 quick and easy projects to improve the look of your home.

Make your house the envy of the neighborhood with simple projects that will boost curb appeal and give your home that dressed-to-impress appearance. What's more, curb appeal landscaping boosts property value and delivers big returns for small investments. Try these 7 creative ideas to transform your home from everyday-okay to company-ready without breaking the bank or gobbling endless weekends.

1. Green the lawn.

In just 3 days, take your lawn from faded to fantastic with Scotts® Green Max™ Lawn Food. This lawn food contains 5 percent iron plus essential micronutrients that enhance the greening process, giving the grass a rich, vibrant hue. To keep your lawn looking its best, apply Scotts® Green Max™ Lawn Food every 6 to 8 weeks during the growing season, following label instructions. Mow regularly too. The result? A gorgeous lawn for little effort.

2. Dress the door.

For the cost of a can of quality exterior paint, you can completely upgrade your home's first impression by painting the front door. Choose a color that coordinates with, but also provides a contrast to, your home's exterior. For instance, a white or gray home with black shutters really pops with a red front door, while a turquoise door is a stunning entrance to a light brown brick home. Complete the look with color-coordinated front porch planters or a cheery door wreath.

3. Refresh your mulch.

Planting beds look sharp and picture-perfect when you first apply mulch. Over time, though, mulch will often begin to grow thin and tired looking, so you'll want to replace it. Just add another 2 to 3 inches of fresh mulch, making sure to keep clear of plant stems and tree trunks. For rich color that beautifully complements planting beds, use Scotts® Nature Scapes® Color Enhanced Mulch or Scotts® Nature Scapes® Triple Shred Mulch. Done!

4. Clean all hardscapes.

For tough stains from mold, mildew, or algae, use Scotts® Outdoor Cleaner Patio & Deck with ZeroScrub™ Technology Concentrate. With little effort on your part (just apply and let it dry, no rinsing or scrubbing required), you will start to notice cleaner driveways, patios, decks, and other hard surfaces in as little as 24 hours. For tackling the exterior of your home, opt for Scotts® Outdoor Cleaner House & Siding with ZeroScrub™ Technology Ready-to-Spray. Always follow label directions for best results. To clean patio furniture, grills, patio umbrellas, and flowerpots use Scotts® Outdoor Cleaner Multi Purpose Formula Ready-to-Spray; lightly scrub and rinse for best results.

5. Wash the windows.

Make windows dazzle with a back-to-basics cleaning. Get started by removing outside cobwebs and debris with a spray from the garden hose. Wipe down interior sills and remove screens. Wash screens or simply rinse them, allowing them to air dry. Then tackle both inside and outside window surfaces using a mixture of a degreasing detergent plus a splash of vinegar. Don't forget to rinse after washing to remove all traces of soap. For a professional look, use a squeegee on glass surfaces after the final rinse. If you're planning to clean outside (non-window) surfaces, do that job first and then clean the windows.

6. Switch out fixtures.

Replacing outdated or builder-grade exterior light fixtures is an upgrade that pays big but only requires a small investment. For the quickest swap, choose fixtures with the same mounting system as the ones you're replacing. Don't want to buy new fixtures? Try spray painting existing ones. Black is a safe, on-trend color, but check at your local home improvement store for more ideas. Once fixtures are finalized, consider adding some spiffy new house numbers, too.

7. Trim trees and shrubs.

Cut back overgrown shrubs and trees, removing any branches that block your home's façade, address numbers, walkways, or windows. Stand in the street and make sure your entry is visible and inviting. Remove any plantings that block drivers' views at the end of your driveway, too. If the grass is thinning beneath trees, strategically prune limbs (removing some completely if necessary) to let more sunlight reach the grass beneath. Then you can reseed the area with the appropriate Scotts® Turf Builder® grass seed to return your lawn to its formerly thick, lush state.

These 7 simple tips will boost your house's curb appeal in a short amount of time and without emptying your wallet. Tackle them all over the weekend or spread them out to fit your schedule. Whichever approach you choose, you'll be taking steps to increase your home's value and attractiveness—and that's what's important.