Easy Tips for Taking Care of a Small Lawn

Learn about tools and equipment designed for the smaller lawn and get tips on making the most of your space.

Taking Care of Your Lawn Is Easier Than Ever

You go to the garden center and see the enormous tractor-mowers and the big bags of lawn food and grass seed. Spreaders that can make storage difficult. And maybe you wonder, are you the only person in the world with a small lawn? The fact is, lawns have been getting smaller as new homes are built on smaller lots. Consequently, there are more tools and equipment designed for all lawn sizes.


Instead of a big, heavy power mower, you can use a reel-action push mower. Ideal for use on lawns of 1,000 square feet or less, these mowers are so light, you can hang them up for storage. They give a great cut and are powered by you. Be sure to look for one that allows you to adjust its mowing height to 2 ½-3 inches.

Feeding and Seeding Options for a Small Lawn

There are many spreaders on the market for bigger lawns, but they may not be practical for yours. Fortunately, the Scotts® Wizz Spreader has been designed with the small lawn in mind. Great for applying seed, lawn food and other products on small areas.

Landscaping Around a Small Lawn

A small lawn can make a dramatic impact when you put in landscaping. You can even make it look bigger by adding a shrub or nice container as a focal point at the far end. Some people have tucked mirrors behind trellises against a wall or fence to create the illusion of size. You could also put in a row of hedges with a garden gate at the far end of the yard, making it appear as if you have another garden just out of sight. Use your imagination and you'll agree, when it comes to lawns, small is beautiful.

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