Essential Lawn Care Projects for the Summer

These feeding, weeding and maintenance tips and projects will help you enjoy a beautiful lawn all summer.

How to Keep Your Yard Looking Great this Summer

Summer means blistering heat, high humidity, bug invasions, weed invasions and if rain is lacking - a brown lawn. Getting your yard ready for the stress of summer may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, we have the products you need to help keep your yard looking great.

Fight Back Against Weeds

Weeds like to move in when plants are stressed from drought and heat. Then they steal moisture and nutrients, which stresses your plants and lawn even more. Control the weeds in your garden by spraying a non-selective weed killer. Be careful not to spray the plants you like. Then, help keep weeds out by laying down a 3-inch layer of mulch. This will also help keep moisture in the soil. For weeds in the lawn, make sure you are mowing the lawn high, which helps crowd out weeds, and spot treat weeds in the lawn with a product labeled for lawn use.

Keep Your Plants Watered & Fed

Regular feeding and watering can help your plants thrive in hot summer weather. With flowering plants, be sure to deadhead the blooms when they start to wilt. This will keep the plant producing blooms much longer.

Keep the Lawn Green

Help your lawn stand up to the heat by mowing at the right height and feeding it before the hot, dry summer months arrive. Use Scotts® Turf Builder® SummerGuard® Lawn Food with Insect Control, which kills listed insects, like ants and ticks, while nourishing your lawn to help strengthen it against summer heat and drought.

Remember, if you live in the north and choose to not water your lawn to keep it green throughout the summer, and your lawn goes dormant and turns brown, stop feeding until the temperatures cool and the rains return in late summer/early fall.

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