At Scotts, a lawn is more than a patch of grass. We believe it's a chance to connect with our communities, improve our environment, and help you make the most out of your piece of the earth. We're in pursuit of a greener world that benefits everyone, and we make it our purpose to help you GroMoreGood™ in your backyard and beyond.

Kids today spend less time outside than any other generation. That's why, in collaboration with the ScottsMiracle-Gro Foundation, we're committed to bringing the powerful benefits of gardening and outdoor play to 10 million kids by 2023. It's also why we're working to reduce our environmental impact, ensure a responsible supply chain, and foster a more engaged and diverse workforce—we want to make sure this generation, and the next, has a world of safe green spaces to come. Learn how we GroMoreGood.

Protect the environment

To improve water quality across the U.S., Scotts has made changes to product formulas, improved application devices, and reduced the amount of plastic in our packaging. Additionally, as the nation's largest recycler of green waste (ScottsMiracle-Gro redirects 5 billion pounds out of landfills and into compost each year), we’ll continue to refine our methods and are committed to reaching 145 million Americans through environmental partnerships by 2025. Protecting Our Environment at ScottsMiracle-Gro

Together, let’s GroMoreGood

Alongside our Foundation, each ScottsMiracle-Gro brand works to GroMoreGood™. That means encouraging kids to enjoy the outdoors while also helping to protect nature and all its beings. Together, Let’s GroMoreGood