How a Healthy Lawn Can Benefit Your Lifestyle

Find out how a healthy lawn can improve your personal lifestyle.

When you spend time cultivating a thick, green lawn, you reap benefits beyond simply enjoying the beautiful space you've created. A lush, healthy lawn can actually improve your quality of life.  Here's how.

A lush lawn....

Keeps You Cooler

Plants, including grass, help keep outdoor living spaces cool. In cities, where there are fewer lawns and trees, the temperature can be between 2 and 22 degrees warmer than surrounding areas that have lawns and wooded areas. A healthy lawn can buffer the heating effects of the sun, helping to keep your home cooler—and your electric bill lower.

Helps Fight Allergies

Some people are allergic to the pollen produced by common lawn weeds. Thick, healthy grass leaves little room for weeds. Water the right amount at the right time, feed your grass on a regular schedule, and mow at the correct height, and your weed problems may just become a thing of the past.

Improves Air Quality

Allergies aren't the only health problem a vigorous lawn can help combat. When your yard is covered by lush grass rather than patchy weeds and bald spots, the air quality will be improved. Simply put, lawns trap dust, pollen, and other floating particles so you can breathe easier.

Decreases Stress

Multiple studies have shown that spending time in, or even just looking at, nature (think grass, trees, water) naturally decreases stress hormones. In an ever-connected, screen-focused world, just looking at a lovely lawn can cause you to breathe easier, sleep better, and feel calmer.

Provides a Quieter Living Space

If you've lived in an apartment complex, you know how loud it can get. One person bouncing a basketball three blocks down from your apartment can keep you awake all night long. That's what happens when you don't have landscaping or a lawn in between your homes. A lawn acts like soundproofing for your living space, helping to absorb noise from neighbors, cars, and maintenance vehicles. The result is a quieter, more serene environment.

Gives You Somewhere to Have Fun

It's so important to take a bit of time away from work and other obligations to kick back and relax, and a beautiful lawn is just the place to do that. Lounge in the hammock, set up a croquet game, or just play with your kids in the grass—whatever brings you happiness. (Check out these lawn game ideas to spark your imagination.)

Boosts Curb Appeal

When you're trying to sell your house, one of the first things on the to-do list is usually to improve the look of your lawn and landscaping. That's a wise choice, as attractive, well-maintained landscaping can add 10 to 15 percent to the value of your home or property. In other words, all that time spent keeping your lawn looking gorgeous is time very well spent.