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Apply an ice melter you can reply on. Delivering greater results sooner, Scotts ezmelt ice melter melts ice 33% faster* and gets through even stubborn winter ice down to -31ºC.

Scotts has everything you need to kickstart your lawn. We'll tell you when to apply and what to apply, for specific needs and why. Don't let retail store isle's overwhelm you with so much to choose from. We got the solution right here, and that's the Scots Solution. It's Go Time!

Find out why it's important to weed and feed your lawn and what long term lawn-health benefits are there.

Smart ways to jumpstart your lawn's springtime recovery.
While your lawn may not require as much care in the winter as it does in spring, summer, and fall, you don’t want to ignore it completely
Spring lawn chores aren't difficult, but they do play a vital role in getting your grass on track for a healthy, productive growing season.