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Even if you have a small yard, you can still think big when it comes to outdoor fun. This version of kickball scales down the game from sprawling to small-space, and makes the play more manageable for your littlest or less experienced athletes. Add bathing suits and water for a beachy twist on this fast-moving adventure!
Those single socks hiding in your dresser drawer may never find their mates, but they can find an exciting new adventure as bean bag toys! Create your own bean bag toss game with old socks—the wackier and more colorful they are, the better—plus a few repurposed materials you can find around the house. Since there's no cutting or sewing required, it's simple enough for kids to get in on the making.
Take backyard fun to the next level with Frisbee tag, a high-flying game that combines elements of two kid favourites: keep away and tag. All you need are at least 4 players, a Frisbee, and room to run. For an extra twist of adventure, play at night! Look for a light-up or glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, and get some flexible glow sticks for players to wear on their wrists and ankles.
Light up an ordinary game of tag—and keep outdoor play going long after sunset—with glow stick necklaces! In this nighttime adventure, players "disappear" into the darkness, transforming into fast-moving, glowing blurs of colour that float effortlessly in the air. It's as much fun to watch as it is to play.
Who says outdoor play has to end after sunset? With inexpensive glow sticks and recycled plastic bottles, you can create a magical nighttime game of ring toss! While traditional horseshoe-style games only let 2 players complete at a time, this simpler, kid-friendly version lets everyone get in on the fun
Jousting was once considered the ultimate demonstration of cunning, strength, and bravery. In this game, it's all about strategy, balance … and silliness! Young knights defend their backyard kingdom with only pool noodles for protection.
Turn any open, grassy space in your backyard into a DIY water adventure park. With only your garden hose, a super-slippery tarp or plastic sheet, and a few other items, you can make a wild backyard waterslide that will keep kids splashing and sliding all afternoon long!
Spend an evening relaxing with the sights and sounds of nature, snuggled up in a sleeping bag under the night sky. Look up and marvel at the moon and stars!
The snow really flies in Snow Dodgeball, a fast-paced and friendly game that's a flurry of wintertime fun.
When winter delivers a fresh canvas of snow right outside your back door, it's time for your inner artist to go out and play! Everyone can get into the creative spirit with colourful, easy-to-mix snow paints. Use them to turn your snowy lawn into a rainbow of graffiti art.
What's more fun than waking up to a carpet of freshly fallen snow? Going outside to play in it, of course! This two-player, footprint-version of wintertime tag will have kids dashing and darting through the snow in no time. Just step outside and let the chase begin!
Rustle up a game of one-hand touch football for an active, action-packed afternoon. Part tag and part football, the rules and scoring can be as simple or as complicated as the players want—but no tackling!