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Get easy tips to discourage weeds in your lawn.
If your grass turns brown and lifts out easily when pulled, you may have this root-chewing pest
Broadleaf weeds are tough, aggressive plants that pounce on any weak areas in your yard
Learn how to target clover without harming your lawn and get tips to keep it from coming back
Find out how to deal with dandelions and weeds in your lawn
A few grubs aren't a problem, but if you see lots of them when you turn the soil, take action.
These lawn moth larvae can kill a lawn quickly. Keep your lawn strong and learn the warning signs.
This weed invades weak areas in lawns, landscaping beds, sidewalk cracks and vegetable gardens
Driveway weeds are the worst! Find out how to control them
Crabgrass loves hot, dry conditions. Take care of it before it becomes a problem
Despite being easy on the eyes, Creeping Charlie can begin to occupy spaces in your home garden that you didn't want it to