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Scotts® Grub B Gon® MAX Grub Killer – a successful, proven solution to effectively kill grubs to prevent their damage to lawns. Its active ingredient is a live organism that is effective against a variety of beetle grubs, including June beetles and chafers.

Get easy tips to discourage weeds in your lawn.
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Discover how to control the weeds in your lawn.
When you find one dandelion in your lawn, there is a high chance that it will begin to multiply much faster than you expect. Learn how to control dandelions with Scotts
In your lawn and under your shrubs, chickweed can form thick mats that crowd out plants you want
Crabgrass loves hot, dry conditions. Take care of it before it becomes a problem
Driveway weeds are the worst! Find out how to control them
This weed invades weak areas in lawns, landscaping beds, sidewalk cracks and vegetable gardens
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Mushrooms are a sign of a healthy yard, although some mushrooms are poisonous. Learn how to control mushrooms