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Follow these 4 tips and you can conserve water while having a healthy, beautiful lawn.
Discover which spreader type is the best for your yard
Use these mowing tips from Scotts to keep your lawn healthy and happy
These feeding, weeding and lawn maintenance tips will help you enjoy a beautiful lawn all summer.
There are lots of ways to water. Find the method that works easiest and most efficiently for you and your lawn.
Learn about our water absorbant grass seed mixture
Water's only part of what you need to fix those dead spots in your lawn and keep them from coming back.
Material Safety Data Sheets can be found at
Too much thatch can weaken your lawn. You have two ways to remove it: dethatching and aerating.
How you feed, mow and water your lawn can help it resist fungal diseases like dollar spot and brown spot.
Learn about lawn patching and repair
Learn how to properly mow your lawn for great results