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Applied Filters

Learn how to deal with spring lawn diseases
Cool off with a new twist on the dance contest that asks, "How low can you go?" Sprinkler limbo lets you show off your balance, flexibility, and goofiest dance moves—and cools you off, too. Host your own backyard limbo party adventure with an easy-to-make limbo pole sprinkler that'll get everybody dancing!
Don't throw those grass clippings away! They're cheap and nourishing mulch for your lawn.
Discover which spreader type is the best for your yard
Find out how your lawn acts as an air filter to improve air quality by trapping air pollution and dust
Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about lawn fertilizers today with Scotts Canada.
There are lots of ways to water. Find the method that works easiest and most efficiently for you and your lawn.
Learn the best level at which to mow your lawn
Learn how to deal with thatch in your lawns!
You admire neat edges along walkways, driveways, and planting beds, right? Time to bring some of that razor-sharp goodness to your own lawn
Find out how to deal with mildew on your lawn
Lawn burn is a myth. These days it's safe to feed your lawn in the summer - just follow these do's and don'ts.