Our Purpose

GroMoreGood™ is our promise to our communities, our planet, our consumers, our partners and each other.

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Scotts gro more good canada logo

Scotts and Miracle-Gro logos

Who We Are

We’ve been helping gardeners and growers transform their own piece of the Earth since 1998.

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Scotts employees standing around a raised garden bed

Growing Good in Our Communities

Each year, we award grants to deserving communities, schools and non-profit civic organizations seeking to develop sustainable gardens and green spaces.

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Children gardening holding a watering can

Instilling a love of plants and respect for nature

We are ensuring protection of our environment for the future through environmental partnerships.

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Scotts gardens at the riverwood conservancy

Helping you grow the next generation

Gardens grow more than plants – they grow hope, self-esteem, confidence and community.

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A man shows children how to garden

Our Social Responsibility

Sphagnum peat moss, a raw material used for its many qualities in horticulture, is harvested at Scotts with great care. Peat moss is one of our ingredients to produce Growing Media for professional and domestic uses.

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A hand holding some natural peat