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Learn the benefits of seeding in the fall
See how Scotts is able to Grow Grass Anywhere
The secret is out - feeding your lawn is the fastest, surest way to a lush, barefoot-worthy lawn.
The weather, kids, and pets can be tough on your lawns. By applying grass seed over an existing lawn, you can help fill in bare spots and reinvigorate your lawn
Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions about grass seed from consumers like you
Fertilizing your grass regularly can help you get that green, thick lawn you're trying to achieve
Discover what's going on when you feed your lawn, season by season.
Find out the difference between coated and non-coated grass seed
Fall isn't just for pumpkin spice and picking apples. It's also the best time to seed and feed your lawn.
It takes fertilizer and a good weed control to grow a healthy green lawn.
Lawns need food too! Find out the benefits of feeding your lawn
Learn why quality grass seed matters and how a few extra dollars now can save you frustration and money later