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Lawns need food too! Find out the benefits of feeding your lawn

The secret is out - feeding your lawn is the fastest, surest way to a lush, barefoot-worthy lawn.

Follow these 4 tips and you can conserve water while having a healthy, beautiful lawn.
Mushrooms are a sign of a healthy yard, although some mushrooms are poisonous. Learn how to control mushrooms
Who says outdoor play has to end after sunset? With inexpensive glow sticks and recycled plastic bottles, you can create a magical nighttime game of ring toss! While traditional horseshoe-style games only let 2 players complete at a time, this simpler, kid-friendly version lets everyone get in on the fun
Discover which spreader type is the best for your yard
Despite being easy on the eyes, Creeping Charlie can begin to occupy spaces in your home garden that you didn't want it to
Find out how to deal with dandelions and weeds in your lawn
Jousting was once considered the ultimate demonstration of cunning, strength, and bravery. In this game, it’s all about strategy, balance … and silliness! Young knights defend their backyard kingdom with only pool noodles for protection.
Use these mowing tips from Scotts to keep your lawn healthy and happy
These feeding, weeding and lawn maintenance tips will help you enjoy a beautiful lawn all summer.