How to Keep Your Patio & Driveway Looking Good

Just because concrete is low maintenance doesn’t mean it’s no maintenance. These simple tips will help keep your driveway and walkways looking great.

When it comes to outdoor surfaces, concrete is pretty low-maintenance. Still, despite its tough-as-nails exterior, concrete is porous and easily absorbs liquids, which can stain over time. The surface texture also provides plenty of nooks and crannies for dirt, moss spores, and other materials to gain a foothold. Don't let it! Keep your concrete driveway, patio, and walkways looking their best by following these simple tips for cleaning concrete.

For All Types of Cleaning

Create a cleaning schedule. Plan an annual cleaning for the driveway and twice-yearly scrubs for the patio. Daily-use walkways that see a lot of foot traffic may need to be cleaned every three months.

Choose an overcast day. The cleaning solution you use will evaporate more slowly when the sun isn't beating down on it. It's also a good idea to clean concrete early in the day, before the sun warms the surface.

For Annual Maintenance and General Cleaning

For easy cleaning, use Scotts® Outdoor Cleaner Plus OxiClean™ Concentrate to break up dirt and stains caused by moss, mold, mildew, and algae. It's also safe to use around plants, grass, and fabrics.

  • Mix and apply according to label directions. Determine the best water-to-cleaner ratio based on the amount of dirt and staining on the concrete. Apply the solution to the surface and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Be sure to keep the concrete wet during this time.
  • Scrub the surface clean. Use a natural bristle or plastic scrub brush, as metal brushes can shed tiny fibers that work into the porous surface, eventually forming rust spots. A deck brush is an ideal concrete scrubbing tool because it lets you scrub while standing.
  • Use a power washer for large areas. If you have a large driveway or patio to clean, a pressure washer will make the job much easier (and faster). Unlike many other outdoor cleaners, Scotts® Outdoor Cleaner Plus OxiClean™ Concentrate can be used in power washers. Be sure to follow the directions on the label.
  • Rinse the surface. Spraying off the surface after scrubbing will wash away dirt and foam, leaving it nice and clean. (Residual foam will dissolve on its own.)

For Heavy-Duty Stains and Deep Cleaning

Eliminate tough moss, mold, mildew, and algae stains withScotts® Outdoor Cleaner Patio & Deck with ZeroScrub™ Technology Concentrateto bring your outdoor surfaces back to life.

  • Mix and apply according to label directions. Choose a product concentration that's right for your cleaning project. Unsure how much to mix? Look for water-to-cleaner ratios inside the back label. When you're ready to apply, spray the cleaner on a dry surface on a day when there's no rain in the forecast for 24 hours.
  • Don't rinse or scrub. This is the easy part. You'll start seeing results in as little as 24 hours with continued improvement over 72 hours.

Cleaning your concrete driveway, patio, and walkways is a simple, inexpensive way to instantly perk up the look of your home. What are you waiting for?

OxiClean is a trademark of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. and is used under license by The Scotts Company LLC.

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