Play Flying Frisbee Tag

Take backyard fun to the next level with Frisbee tag, a high-flying game that combines elements of two kid favorites: keep away and tag. All you need are at least 4 players, a Frisbee, and room to run. For an extra twist of adventure, play at night! Look for a light-up or glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, and get some flexible glow sticks for players to wear on their wrists and ankles.

What You'll Need

  • A flat, open outdoor space that's free of obstacles and good for running
  • At least 4 players
  • A Frisbee (or 2)
  • A rake, broom, or long pole (optional, in case the Frisbee lands on a roof or in a tree)

Get Ready… Get Set…

1. Define "out of bounds" for your play space. To keep things fair, all players agree to stay in-bounds throughout the game unless they're retrieving a Frisbee that lands out of bounds.

2. Divide players into two teams and designate one team as "It."

3. Instruct players to scatter across the play space, with members of the "It" team toward the inside and members of the "Not It" team toward the outside to start.

4. Hand the Frisbee to one of the members of the "Not It" team.


1. Someone on the "It" team yells "Go!" to start the game.

2. On "Go!" the "Not Its" toss the Frisbee to one another—over, around, and through the "Its," who try to catch it, knock it out of the air, or grab it off the ground.

3. The object of the game is for the "Not Its" to keep the Frisbee in the air and away from the "Its," while the "Its" do everything they can to steal it. As long as the Frisbee is airborne, or on the ground, it's fair game! (If the Frisbee flies out of bounds or gets caught in a tree or shrub, or lands on a fence or roof, play pauses until a "Not It" can safely retrieve it.)

4. When an "It" manages to catch, kick, bump, or otherwise touch the Frisbee, the round ends.

5. Switch places and keep playing until everyone needs a break.

Make the game harder and keep it interesting by adding new rules. Keep score and award points for impressive catches, like jumps and dives. Force players to throw the Frisbee within 5 seconds of catching it. Only allow one-handed catches. Use two Frisbees at once. You could say that, in Frisbee tag, the sky's the limit!

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