How To Prevent & Deal With Mildew

Mildew on Your Lawn Defined

Mildew makes your lawn look as if someone sprinkled powdered sugar on it. As the mildew forms, the leaf tissue starts to yellow and then turn brown. Mildew can kill your lawn. Look for it when cool, damp nights follow warm, humid days, especially if your lawn is shady or has been overfed.

Prevention and Maintenance

You walk out in your yard and see some fine, powdery stuff on the grass. Chances are, nobody spilled any flour there, so you probably have lawn mildew. Usually found in shady areas, mildew is a fungus that attacks weakened lawns. You can help your lawn by pruning back your trees and shrubs for better air circulation, and by following a few simple maintenance steps.

Water Properly

Lawns thrive on deep watering once every three to ten days. Don't let your lawn wilt in really hot weather. If it does, start watering right away.

Mow at the Right Height

Healthy grass is thick grass. If you cut it way down, it can't grow back very well, and weeds can take hold. Set you mower higher, keep your blade sharp, and never cut off more than the top third of your grass.

Feed Your Lawn Regularly

Lawns love regular feedings, but you can overdo it. Too many feedings can stress out your grass, making it vulnerable to disease. Just follow the directions on your lawn-food bag for proper feeding intervals.