Feed And Weed For A Beautiful Lawn

"It takes two," says Glenn Martin at Scotts, a leading company in lawn and garden supplies. "It takes both the fertilizer and the weed control working in harmony to produce a healthy green lawn and with the latest advancements, it is easier than you think."

The First Step - Control Weeds

The first step, he says, for a sound weed defense program is regular feeding of the lawn. A well-fed lawn, every 8 weeks, will build thick turf with deep roots making it harder for weeds to invade and flourish. Step two involves controlling any weeds that do manage to take root, without damaging the lawn.

"One of the most exciting developments is a weed control product that kills weeds, not lawns and is permitted for use where conventional weed controls have been banned," Martin continued. "Our new Scotts EcoSense Weed B Gon is made with iron, an element found in our natural environment. When weeds are exposed to iron, it causes them to turn black, shrivel and die and visible results are evident within just a few hours."

A Fertilizer with 100% Food

This year when you choose a fertilizer be sure to read the labels and avoid products with fillers like sand, gravel and sawdust. "Every fertilizer granule should be 100 per cent food so your grass will receive an even distribution of nutrients without the risk of burning," Martin explained. "Our Turf Builder fertilizer with its' patented all-in-one particle, delivers this."