How to Fertilize the Lawn

Applying lawn food is very simple. A typical subdivision lawn will take less than 20 minutes.

Always use a lawn spreader. NEVER spread product by hand! A broadcast (rotary) spreader with a side-shield feature is great for larger lawns. The side-shield feature makes application along the lawn's perimeter easy by shutting-off half of the spreader flow, so product is only applied on the lawn and not on non-lawn areas like the driveway, sidewalk, or landscaping. A drop spreader is another option for small areas because the application area is much narrower.

Set the spreader to the recommended setting listed on the product package and fill the spreader hopper. If the product bag does not provide a spreader setting, it is not intended for lawn use.

Now you're ready to apply. Just follow these guidelines for easy application and even coverage:

Feeding the lawn is as simple as mowing it. First, make a header strip around the perimeter areas of the lawn. When using a broadcast spreader, engage the side-shield, which takes the swath (the area where the application is broadcast) from 180° down to 90°, to make sure lawn food granules stay on the lawn and not in gardening beds, driveways and sidewalks.

Once you reach the end of the lawn, turn the spreader off and return any remaining product to the bag.

spreader chart