The Benefits of Lawn Feeding & Fertilizing

Truth be told, there's one simple secret to making the most of your lawn without a lot of hassle: regular feedings. Yep. Nourishing your lawn two to four times a year with Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food 30-0-3 with 2% Iron can turn a so-so lawn into a kick-off-your-shoes lawn the whole family can enjoy.

#1 Barefootable grass

Backyards and barbecues. Trampolines and kids. Neighbors and friends. They're everything thick, green lawns were made for. Regular feedings provide the nutrients your lawn needs to look its best and withstand the stresses of weeds, heat, drought and family activity.

#2 Worry-Free Lawn

Regular feedings are the fastest, most affordable way to care for your lawn, keeping problems out of your yard and off your mind. Feeding your lawn two or three times a year gives grass plants the nutrients they need for deep roots and strong, full blades. One bag of Scotts® Grass Seed feeds an average-size lawn and goes down easily in about 15 minutes. That's all it takes to grow stronger, greener grass that can crowd out weeds and stand up to heat, sun, stress and play.

#3 A Breath of Fresh Air

Grass is living, breathing nature right outside your door. And like all living plants, it needs food and water. While you and Mother Nature can easily take care of the watering, grass plants simply cannot thrive without proper nutrients. That's where regular feedings come in.

Regular Feedings Are Key

Like your teeth or your health, it's easier to keep your lawn at its best with an ounce of prevention. Just feed your lawn every 6 to 8 weeks to keep it looking nice and worry-free.