Lawn Mower Maintenance for the Fall and Winter

Stow Your Mower the Right Way for Winter

Take a few extra steps in the fall to make spring mowing a breeze. It's a beautiful spring day, the grass is green again, and you're thinking about pulling out the mower for the first cut of the season. Your lawn mower has other ideas. You yank and prime and swear and yank some more. Nothing happens. So you call the lawn mower service shop, and they tell you they can squeeze you in - next month. If you put your lawn mower away in the fall with a little preparation, starting your mower in the spring will be a lot easier.

The Easiest Way: Take Your Mower to the Shop in the Fall

Most people would rather have someone else tune up the lawn mower. A professional will do a thorough job. Just be sure to avoid the spring rush. Taking your mower in during the fall or winter saves you weeks of waiting, and the money you spend translates into easy mowing next spring.

A Quick Checklist for the Do-It-Yourselfer

Your owner's manual comes with instructions for maintenance, so be sure to look at it. Here are some general tips for what to do before you put away your lawnmower.

  • Fuel-System Maintenance.
  • Piston Care.
  • Tighten Fasteners as Needed.
  • Service the air filter
  • Clean the mower thoroughly.
  • Touch up all rusted or chipped paint surfaces.
  • Battery (if applicable).
  • Replace damaged or worn parts.
  • Lubricate your mower where the owner's manual recommends.
  • Storage.

Remember: Proper maintenance in the fall or winter makes starting your lawnmower in the spring a snap.