Spring Lawn Diseases

Spring Lawn Diseases Defined

A few of the more common lawn diseases most likely to occur in the Spring include Gray Snow Mold, Dollar Spot, Ring Spot and Pink Snow Mold. They will only show up if three conditions are met: a susceptible plant, a pathogen and the right conditions. Preventing them is easier than curing them, so follow the proper lawn care methods for best control.

Prevention and Maintenance

For any dead patches in the lawn, rake them thoroughly and then reseed them. As always, be sure and follow proper guidelines for a healthy, vigorous lawn.


Proper watering is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn. When and if you do water, water deeply and only once or twice a week, and try and run your sprinklers only in the morning to avoid conditions favorable to lawn diseases - such as cool, damp evenings when diseases are likely to thrive.


Mow at the right height and only when the lawn needs it. That way, it will be better able to resist diseases - not to mention insects and weeds too. And don't use dull mower blades as that can also promote lawn disease.


Always follow directions when applying any fertilizer application. Over- or under-use of fertilizer can stress the grass and lead to problems with turf diseases.


Reduce the amount of thatch in your lawn by removing any thatch in excess of a half inch. Aeration of your lawn will also reduce thatch.