Super-Low Sprinkler Limbo

What You'll Need

  • A flat, open outdoor space that's free of obstacles
  • At least 3 people—2 to hold the limbo pole and one to limbo
  • A garden hose and nearby faucet
  • 1 pool noodle
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape
  • A sharp object that can poke small, round holes in the pool noodle, such as a kitchen skewer or nail
  • A speaker for playing dance music (optional—you can also sing a song)
  • Towels for drying off (optional)

Get Ready…

1. Use the scissors to cut a 3-inch piece off one end of the pool noodle. Set the longer piece aside.

2. Open the scissors and carefully place one of the blades through the hole in the short piece of pool noodle you just cut. Cut all the way through the side of the noodle so you can open it up, like the letter "C."

3. Cut the opened piece of pool noodle lengthwise 3 more times to create four strips, roughly equal in width and each measuring 3 inches long.

4. Using 2 of the 4 strips you just cut, plug the opening in one end of the pool noodle by stuffing them inside. (Save the other two strips for later.)

5. Stretch pieces of duct tape over the plugged end to completely cover it, then wrap more duct tape around the last 6 inches of the pool noodle. It ensures that the seal is complete and doubles as a handle.

6. Place the pool noodle on the ground. Using the skewer, poke holes through the top layer of pool noodle in a straight line, about 3 inches apart, leaving 6 inches hole-free on each end of the noodle. Do not poke through the duct tape.

7. Insert the end of your garden hose into the open end of the pool noodle. When the hose is about 6 inches inside, hold it in place and wedge the two remaining, short strips of pool noodle around the hose, inside the noodle, to secure the hose in the opening.

8. Cover the hose end of the pool noodle with duct tape as you did in step 5, wrapping some extra duct tape around the hose to prevent leaks.

Get Set…

1. Ask for 2 volunteers to hold the limbo pole. Players in the contest should line up at a distance.

2. Position the 2 volunteers in the center of the play space and have them each hold an end of the pole, at shoulder height and with the holes facing toward the ground.


1. Start the music and turn on the hose! When water starts flowing out of the pole, the limbo can begin.

2. Players take turns dancing under the pole while leaning backward, trying to make it from one side to the other without touching or bumping it. If they make contact with the pole, they're out. If they don't make contact, they return to the end of the line for another try.

3. After everyone's gone through the first round, with the pole at shoulder height, those holding the pole lower it by about 6 inches.

4. Any players who didn't get out during the first round try can again to dance under the pole without getting out.

5. The game continues, lowering the pole each round, until only 2 players remain. Last one out is the winner!

After you've declared the winner, reward the players who held the limbo pole. Lay it on the ground, with the holes facing up, and let them be the first to run through!