Snow Graffiti

What You'll Need

  • Plastic squeeze and/or spray bottles with removable caps
  • Liquid food colouring or egg dye in bold or neon colours
  • Cold water
  • A bucket, basket, box, or other container to carry your filled bottles

Get Ready… Get Set…

1. Collect enough plastic bottles to have one for each colour you'd like to make. Use squeeze bottles with narrow openings, like sports bottles or dish soap bottles, to make a narrow stream of color. Spray bottles, like those for your hair, will create a softer, mistier effect and cover a bigger area. Spray bottles with adjustable tops, like window cleaner or laundry spot remover, are extra fun—they can do both! Just be sure to clean and dry any bottles you upcycle.

2. Remove the caps and set them aside while you fill the bottles with cold water. Leave about an inch of space at the top of each bottle.

3. Add several drops of food colouring to each bottle. Have fun mixing colours to create your own custom snow paints. Keep adding food colouring until the water is dark; the colours will look lighter in the snow.

4. Put the nozzles back on nice and tight, then gently shake the bottles to combine the food colouring with the water. If you think your snow paints are too light, add a few more drops of food colouring.

5. Put your snow paints in your carrying container, bundle up in your winter gear, and head outside!


1. Find a spot you'd like to paint, choose your colours, and stream or spray the snow paint to create colorful designs. Hold the bottle a few inches away from the snowy surface to make the brightest, boldest graffiti.

2. Use a squeeze bottle to:

  • Make lines or squiggles
  • Draw shapes or outlines
  • Doodle smiley faces, flowers, or animals
  • Write your name or a message

3. Use a spray bottle to:

  • Make polka dots or fuzzy shapes
  • Fill in a bigger design
  • Create lighter and darker shades of a colour
  • Layer colours over one another

4. When you're finished painting, store your snow paints indoors, or outdoors in a place, they won't freeze. If you keep them inside, chill them in the snow before you paint again, otherwise, they'll melt the snow instead of colouring it. You can also label your snow paints and put them in the refrigerator.

Give a snowman rosy cheeks, create an abstract masterpiece with swirls of colour, or write a friendly message to brighten your neighbors' day. Just like snowflakes, no two works of snow graffiti are ever alike!