Snow-Stomping Footprint Tag

What You'll Need

  • Two or more players
  • A snow-covered lawn
  • Warm winter clothing, including boots, hats, and gloves
  • Optional: Hot cocoa and marshmallows (for an after-tag treat)

Get Ready… Get Set…

1. Look for a large area of lawn that's evenly covered in fresh, undisturbed snow. The snow doesn't need to be deep, just enough to see footprints.

2. Decide on a start and finish line. Use a stick or your foot to "draw" lines in the snow, or choose an object to reference at each end of the yard, like a tree, shrub, or mailbox. Place your start and finish lines as far apart as possible.

3. Walk to the starting line without making any footprints in your designated play space.

4. Decide who's "It" and who's the runner. If you have more than two players, pair off and get in order from youngest to oldest. (Younger players go first.)

5. The first two players stand side-by-side, behind the starting line.


1. Yell "Ready... Set… Snow!" to start the game.

2. On "Snow!" the runner gets a head start, taking the twistiest, silliest path imaginable to the finish line, leaving behind a winding set of footprints.

3. "It" stays behind the starting line while counting out loud ("one-marshmallow, two-marshmallow, three-marshmallow"), then starts the chase!

4. "It" tries to tag the runner before they reach the finish line, moving as quickly as possible while stepping only in the footprints. It's okay to skip footprints or jump ahead in the path to catch up, or to reach across the footprints to tag. Just don't step out of the footprints or fall down.

5. When the runner safely reaches the finish line—or when "It" tags the runner—switch roles and start again. Swap the start and finish lines, and make a new set of footprints heading back the way you came. This time around, "It" can use all of the footprints to chase the runner, so the game will get even faster!

6. Take turns making and chasing footprints until all players have had a go as "It" and as the runner, or until you've stomped every inch of new snow.

You can play footprint tag anywhere there's fresh snow. Once you've stomped all the snow in your playspace, look for a fresh, new one and start all over again. Or if you're feeling chilly, head inside for some hot cocoa—with marshmallows, of course!