The Grass is Greener with Green Max

The easy and fast way to get your lawn ready to impress.

Picture this…

It is a few days before the huge barbecue you are hosting in your backyard. You've been running around trying to get everything in tiptop shape: the food, the decorations, the playlist. You finally think you can relax, but then you look outside and realize that your grass is not looking to hot. You don't want your friends and family to be exposed to a less-than-impressive lawn, and can use a quick green up. Luckily, Scotts® has just the solution for you.

Green Max™: Your Saving Grace

Scotts® Green Max™ Lawn Food is the product to reach for when you need to beautify your lawn in a pinch. This dual-action fertilizer plus iron supplement feeds your lawn and provides deep greening in just 3 days. Yup, that's right! 3 days. You can thank the added 5% iron for that, as it enhances the greening process for fast resuts. Plus, the product is guaranteed not to stain concrete, driveways, or other surfaces surrounding your lawn (when used as directed). Green Max™ can be applied to any grass type. Just grab your spreader, set it to the recommended rate (see label for further instructions), and get applying! It is safe for pets and family to re-enter the lawn immediately after product is applied. For fast results, lightly water the product in. It's that easy. A greener lawn in less than 5 steps that is sure to impress.

Two Is Better Than One

In addition to Scotts® Green Max™ Lawn Food, we also offer Scotts® Liquid Green Max™ Lawn Food, a liquid ready-to-spray greening solution. This easy-to-apply fertilizer provides fast greening results and helps grow a thick lawn with more roots to better absorb water and nutrients than an unfed lawn. Simply attach the Scotts® Liquid Green Max™ sprayer to your garden hose then extend the hose to the farthest point of lawn you want to feed. Point the sprayer in the direction you want to spray, slide thumb activation switch forward to ON position, and spray evenly desired treatment area. When finished feeding, slide thumb activation switch backward to the OFF position and turn off water.

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