Which Fertilizer Should I Use in Spring?

Feeding your grass in spring is essential to a beautiful lawn, but which fertilizer should you use?

A lawn needs food to grow thick, green, and lush. The benefits of a well-fed lawn extend beyond good looks, though. When you feed your lawn throughout the year, it will emerge greener and stronger after the winter, can crowd out future weeds, and will be more resilient in the face of heat and drought.

To start the growing season off right and give grass the nutrition it needs to grow after a long winter, your lawn's first feeding should be in the spring. Which fertilizer solution to use depends on where you live, what type of grass you're growing, and any lawn problems that might be present. Here's what we recommend.

If you live in the North:

Fertilize your Kentucky bluegrass, bermudagrass, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, or fine fescue lawn with ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Triple Action, which tackles three important tasks with a single application. First, it will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to get thick and green this spring, helping the grass establish deep roots so it will stand up stronger to heat and drought later in the growing season.

In addition to feeding the lawn, this product will also help you kill existing weeds, making quick work of dandelion, clover, and other unwanted broadleaf plant guests listed on the label. It also helps prevent new weeds like crabgrass for up to 4 months. The best time to apply is as soon as the dandelions begin to flower.

Then, 6 to 8 weeks after using Triple Action, apply ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Lawn Food according to label directions to continue giving your lawn the nutrition it needs to keep growing strong.

If you live in the South:

Southerners have particular challenges with lawn management. Fire ants are a real nuisance, while weeds like dollarweed and clover can seem almost impossible to control. In the middle of dealing with all of that, you still have to feed the lawn to ensure it has a chance to grow thick and lush.

Luckily, ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Southern Triple Action can tackle all of those challenges in one fell swoop for St. Augustine, centipede, zoysia, and carpetgrass lawns. It not only kills the stubborn broadleaf weeds listed on the label, but also controls and prevents fire ants for up to 6 months so that you can enjoy your lawn instead of avoiding it. What's more, it does all of this while feeding the lawn to encourage deep, long-lasting green and strong growth.

To keep your lawn green and growing throughout the season, fertilize with ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Southern Lawn FoodFL within 6 to 8 weeks after applying Southern Triple Action. Be sure to follow the directions on the label.