Choosing the Right Spring Fertilizer for Your Yard

Fertilizing your lawn several times a year is essential to keeping it lush and green. But there are so many types of fertilizer to choose from. How do you know which one is right for your lawn?

Use a high-quality fertilizer to feed your lawn four to five times a year which helps in:

  • Supplying it with the nutrients it needs to grow thick and healthy
  • Significantly minimizes weed occurence
  • Helping the grass grow strong, deep roots to survive the winter cold
  • Supporting it through the summer season's heat and drought

When spring has sprung, use the recommendations below to find the right lawn food for your grass and location.

The Different Types of Spring fertilizer

All-Season Fertilizer

Give your lawn a healthy start in the spring to set the foundation for grass that recovers quickly from weeds, drought, and pests. Premium lawn food toughens up the root systems without burning your lawn. This quality fertilizer works on any type of grass, and you can use it for all four seasonal feedings. Premium lawn food with 2% Iron promotes lush grass with strong roots. Feed your lawn this fertilizer in the early spring, then give it a second helping 6 – 8 weeks later. This is our go-to fertilizer for spring, summer, and fall.

A Spring Fertilizer to Feed New Grass

As soon as you seed or sod your lawn, apply fertilizer to make sure it gets the nutrients it needs to grow. Lawn food for new grass contains a high amount of phosphorus to get your grass off to a good start by promoting a strong root system.

Spring Lawn Food for a Special Event

If you are hosting a graduation, wedding, or another special occasion, lawn food with 5% iron can green up your lawn quickly, and it's guaranteed not to stain. This product works with any type of grass, including new grass, and you can apply it in the spring to kick off the season with a beautiful, deep green lawn.

Spring Lawn Food that Prevents Dandelions and Crabgrass

If you battle pesky weeds every year, corn gluten meal-based weed preventing lawn food will stop them in their tracks. This Turf Builder is made from 100% corn gluten meal, a natural way to prevent weed seeds from growing in the first place. Apply this product in early spring works great with ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass, but don't use it on new grass.

Fertilizer that Also Controls Moss

Lawn food with moss control offers three benefits in one product. It gives your lawn high-quality nutrients, controls moss, and thickens the grass to fill in any bare spots. Apply this product in the early spring when moss is actively growing. This will put you ahead of the game and stop the moss from spreading before summer arrives.