Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Fertilizers

Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about lawn fertilizers today with Scotts Canada.

This could be the year you turn the tables by making your neighbours jealous of your lush, green lawn. Use the answers below to give your grass the nutrition it craves and fine-tune your fertilizing game.

If you have questions about how to feed your lawn, we're here to help.


Lawn fertilizer is nutrition for your lawn that leads to a boost of energy, optimal performance, and faster recovery. When you feed the lawn, you’re helping it grow strong enough to survive the heat of summer, harsh Canadian winters, and everything in between.


Proper fertilization several times a year can transform your yard into a lush green carpet. Strong grass will bounce back from soccer drills, family gatherings, and energetic pets. Even better, weeds won’t have room to grow in a well-fed yard.


For best results, fertilize your yard with a high-quality product four times a year—early and late spring, summer, and fall—with 6 – 8 weeks in between. And if weather and timing allow, apply a fifth and final feeding for a well-nourished lawn all winter long

When it comes to the perfect time to nourish a new lawn, the answer is simple: Immediately.

The moment you lay down fresh sod or sprinkle new seeds, it's important to provide lawn food designed for new grass. These types of lawn fertilizers are high in phosphorus which is a crucial component in enhancing root growth and helps pave the way for a dense, healthy, fully established lawn.

When looking for the right season to fertilize a lawn, spring presents itself as the prime season for lawn feeding. This period marks the end of your lawn's long winter dormancy, providing an excellent opportunity to stimulate its growth. By fertilizing your lawn during spring, you're not just kickstarting its growth but also offering it the most nutrient-rich care compared to any other time of the year. For a comprehensive guide on lawn start-up, you might want to check out our article regarding how to start a new lawn from grass seed.

List of Lawn Fertilizer Questions

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