Want A Greener Lawn? Timing Is Everything.

After 150 years, if Scotts canā€™t make lawn care easy we might as well hang up our spreader.

Everyone knows when to feed a baby but lawns don't wake you up at 3am.

That's where we come in. Just follow the four steps below and you'll have a lawn so perfect you'll start using the word "verdant" with regularity. A well-fed lawn is always in the pink of health. That means a more vital and resilient root system, to resist heat, drought, and foot traffic. We recommend feeding four times a year ā€“ not because we sell the stuff, but because it really makes a huge difference, and takes only a few minutes each time. But even feeding once, in the spring, makes a noticeable improvement. You can buy it now and get it shipped asap.

Early Spring

Winter did a number on my lawn. Trust us, we know. Lawns wake up all matted and hungry. Which is why they respond so brilliantly to that first feeding. Below ground, roots grow stronger, and above ground, they green up like nature's Photoshop.

When should I bust out my spreader? A good rule of thumb (green or any other hue) is to apply your first feeding when your lawn starts to actively grow and needs its first mowing. Depending on where you live, that can be February through April.

Hmmmā€¦I'm sure you've got some simple program for me. Bingo! Go for our ScottsĀ® Program ā€“ you can buy it right this very second. It is designed for season-long lawn goodness ā€“ meaning it feeds your lawn on time, prevents the suburban scourge of crabgrass (and other weeds), and makes the weather work for you, not against you.

I live up North, any tips? If you were invaded by crabgrass last year, use our ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Triple Action to prevent crabgrass (plus other grassy weeds) for 4 months, all while feeding your lawn and killing weeds like dandelion and clover. If you didn't have crabgrass issues, apply ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Lawn Food.

How about the South? If you're weed-wrestling, use ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® BonusĀ® S Southern Weed & Feed. If you're also dealing with fire ants, apply ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Southern Triple Action, which prevents and kills them for up to 6 months, in addition to feeding your lawn and killing weeds like dollarweed and clover. And if you're one of the lucky few whom weeds and fire ants have passed by, use our ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Southern Lawn Food.

Late Spring

My lawn is powerfully green. Why bother to feed? We expected that question. That green doesn't come from nowhere, it draws on the stored-up energy in your grass plants that needs to be replenished to keep full nutrition available for summer.

What do you consider "late spring"? It's 6-8 weeks after you applied your early spring feeding.

What products should I be using? If you're in our ScottsĀ® Program community, use the Spring product again. It'll stimulate healthy top growth as it produces strong roots and knocks off dandelion, clover, and other annoying weeds.

I'm not with the program. What's for me? In the North, use ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Weed & Feed. That's the best choice for most people, since broadleaf weeds like clover, violets, creeping Charlie and oxtails are so darn common. Otherwise, just apply another round of ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Lawn Food.

And down here in the South? So easy. Just an application of ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® Southern Lawn Food.


Aren't I supposed to back off feeding in summer because it'll burn my lawn? Au contraire. That's one of the many lawn myths. It's important to feed in summer because your grass is under stress. Your 4-Step Summer application is just what your lawn needs to stimulate the kind of deep root growth that makes the most of every watering.

What happens if I didn't buy the Four Step Program? For you, we have ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® SummerguardĀ® Lawn Food with Insect Control. It gives lawns the super-powers they need to fight drought and build heat resistance.


Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere. Why do I need to feed my lawn? Guess you didn't get the memo. Fall is the absolute best time to feed. Your lawn desperately needs nutrients to bounce back from summer damage, and feeding now will help it get ready for its winter snooze. Even when the air gets cool, the ground stays warm and roots take up nitrogen, giving them a spring head-start. It also kills tons of broad-lead weeds.

Ok, got it. What's the timing? Depends on where you live, but figure 6 to 8 weeks after your summer feeding. If you're a proud member of our ScottsĀ® Program, just apply the Fall bag. Otherwise, in the North use our ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® WinterGuardĀ® Fall Lawn Food, once around Labor Day and then 6 to 8 weeks later.

And for the South? Thought you'd never ask. Use our famous ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® BonusĀ® S Southern Weed & Feed ā€“ ideal for St. Augustine, centipede, or zoysia grass. If you have a Bermuda lawn, use our ScottsĀ® Turf BuilderĀ® WinterGuardĀ® Fall Weed & Feed.